August 19, 2022

What, No Meat? Be A Vegetarian?

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Many times when I have discussions with people regarding a vegetarian lifestyle they cannot comprehend what life would be without meat. I have to admit I thought the same way. Since I love to cook and experiment with food and its presentation I found the transition educational, fun, healthy and delicious.

In studying the Vedic or Indian culture I came to learn how sacred the cow is in their culture. I even asked a mentor, “with all the cheese and dairy products you eat your arteries should be clogged, right?” To my amazement the answer I received was that it is not an issue as long as one does not combine the diet with meat. I can’t say there was any science behind that statement and went along with my mentor considering he was in excellent health and the yogurt and cheeses were fantastic.

The three factors people have giving up meat is habit, believing they will not get protein and that a meal cannot be delicious without meat. My advice is to begin slow and simple. Purchase a vegetarian cook book or obtain a variety of free recipes online and start with those most appealing.

For many that have become vegetarians or in the process, turned away from meat for a variety of reasons. A primary reason to abandon meat is because science has shown a diet, especially in raw vegetables, is beneficial in preventing and reversing health issues. Others believe a vegetarian diet pro­tects the envi­ron­ment. Exces­sive amounts of water are used in rais­ing beef and other live­stock, water that could be used for other purposes. Cattle raised for con­sump­tion pro­duce methane, which is a green­house gas that con­tributes to global warming. Land is also cleared for pur­pose of rais­ing cat­tle or for grow­ing grain for cat­tle. Peo­ple feel good going veg­e­tar­ian when they know they’re help­ing the environment.

Get­ting fiber through meat or dairy prod­ucts is almost impos­si­ble, but veg­e­tar­i­ans usu­ally eat much more fiber than meat-eating peo­ple. Addi­tion­ally, cho­les­terol comes from eat­ing ani­mal prod­ucts, and peo­ple who have no animal-based foods ben­e­fit from this lifestyle. Overall, veg­e­tar­i­ans and espe­cially veg­ans usu­ally weigh less than peo­ple who eat meat.

In the end, like everything else, it is a choice. If you’re on the fence, having considered it or even think you can’t do without meat, give it a try. You will learn another world. You will learn a variety of great cooking techniques, great herbs and spices and just may become healthier, energetic and vibrant.

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