May 23, 2022

Tips to Keep the Kids and Play Sets Safe

There is an obvious concern with children spending too much time indoors these days. It seems like kids would rather keep themselves entertained with the newest gadget or game then spend quality time outdoors. Kids that have a means to creatively express themselves are more likely to want to spend time outdoors, but how do you turn your couch potato into an outdoor enthusiast? A good idea would be to spice up your property with a backyard playset.

A wooden play set may be a better choice than the traditional metal sets. Wooden sets have been found to provide a safer play structure and 안전놀이터 won’t rust over the years. A wooden set will also add to the attractiveness of a yard if it is kept up on a regular basis. Caring for a wooden swing set is relatively easy. As spring draws near, you should physically inspect your set and look for signs of damage. Things to look for include cracked or missing rungs on the ladders, splintered wood that may possibly pierce or scratch the child and rusty or missing bolts. Inspect the slide for signs of instability and cracks and replace any damaged or missing parts. The seat of the swing should be inspected to insure that it isn’t cracked or dry rotted from the heat of the sun. Inspect all chain guards to ensure they provide protection from finger pinches.

The area around backyard playground sets should be inspected as well. Keep the area well moved and weed free. This will prevent small children from tripping in long grass, and will help to reduce any unwanted pests. Look and make sure that there is nothing that a child can get injured on such as broken glass or objects that can cut or pierce the skin.

To keep your play set looking its best, you can pressure wash the wood, and then apply a coat of stain if needed. A sealer can be used to reduce the effects of weathering on the wood.

Children that are at play can become easily excitable on the equipment. Letting a child release their pent-up energy outside requires supervision. When children are playing on the set, keep a watchful eye and make sure that no one is pushing or engaging in other risky play that could result in an unwanted trip to the emergency room.

With proper care and attention, your set will bring your children many hours of wondrous and creative play. It is clearly a wise decision to make sure the equipment is maintained to provide maximum use.