September 25, 2022

Overseas Property For Sale – Egypt Has It All

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If you’re looking for an overseas property for sale, Egypt is the country of choice for investors, as investors are benefiting from high returns from both rental yield and capital growth.

Property Investments

In recent years Egypt has started to attract an increasing numbers of visitors and property buyers alike. Apart from the resorts, the majority of property investments are taking place in the major cities, such as Cairo and Alexandria, and the major cities are currently attracting as much as 25% annual capital growth.

When you’re looking for property for sale, Egypt offers old properties, new builds, and off-plans. When buying off-plans (buildings not yet built, and the sale is based on the plans of the building) you get the opportunity to reserve your property at around 30% below market value. The reason properties are offered at a reduced price is to attract individuals who are in no hurry to take occupation, but realise the significant savings of early purchasing. Buy-to-let investors can hope to achieve good rental yields from a well-located property as the climate in Egypt supports a year-round tourism industry. If you’re a looking for a commercial property for sale in Jerusalem, Egypt is an attractive location for shopping mall developers, as the total number of malls in the country is relatively low for a population of 72 million.


Egypt is a vast and wonderful country and is synonymous with pyramids, Pharaohs, and temples. Egypt is an unmissable destination and it remains one of the world’s most fascinating travel experiences. Throughout history it has attracted many famous travellers, archaeologists, treasure hunters and, more recently, sightseers wishing to see the famous sites of ancient Thebes, Aswan and Cairo. Egypt is also a hotspot for divers as the water is warm, there are beautiful coral reefs that are home to an abundance of colourful sea life, and there are several ship wrecks to discover.

Remember that Egypt is a conservative society, and visitors should respect local customs and sensitivities, and dress modestly. For women especially, the wearing of long skirts or loose fitting trousers, and shoulders covered, discourages physical and verbal attention.


Egypt is bordered to the north by the Mediterranean, to the south by Sudan, to the west by Libya, and to the east by the Red Sea and Israel. Egypt is in the arid desert belt and it is very hot in the summertime and cool at night. In the wintertime it is warm during the day but cold at night. Most of the country is covered by desert, except in the valley of the Nile River where 95% of the population lives. Egypt is Africa’s second most populous country after Nigeria, and it has the highest population in the Arab world.


Egypt is growing both in the tourist market and the property market. Investors looking for a low risk place in which to invest their money would be wise to seriously consider Egypt. Once people realise that Egypt is more than just history and culture, the Egyptian property market will really escalate, and when that happens, investors who have bought into the property market early are certain to make a very good return on their low risk investment. The crucial point when purchasing a property in Egypt is to find the right property in the right location and getting it at the lowest price possible. When such a purchase is based on careful research and advice, your property can provide you with a secure and profitable investment. So when you’re looking for an overseas property for sale, Egypt can offer you many benefits and rewards.

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