September 25, 2022

How to Find Tickets to Sold Out Football Games

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So you’ve been waiting all year for the big game, tickets go on sale shortly, you have your lucky jersey on. Surely you will get the tickets you want so badly. Then, it happens, sold out in minutes, what are you going to do?

Well, you have a few options. You can wait until the day of the game and hope someone is at the front gate with extra tickets to sell. Many times you will get lucky. The drawback to buying tickets from scalpers, you will usually pay way above face value, and unlucky fans have been known to purchase counterfeit are expired tickets. So not only are you out $200 bucks, you can’t even watch the game winbir. What is a person to do?

Another option is to visit ticket resell sites. There are many such sites. Such as StubHub and RazorGator just to name a few. Even eBay has a section where people can buy and sell tickets. Craigslist is another viable option. Visit the Craigslist site for the city where the game is located and many times people, especially students will be selling their tickets because they need extra cash. You can sometimes get the tickets for face value on Craigslist, but be prepared to pay a little extra and once again be sure to examine the tickets before you purchase them. Also your local newspapers classified section may have people trying to unload tickets that they can’t use.


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