September 25, 2022

Have You Considered Electronic Device Accessories for Your Next Promotion?

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At one point we had big clunky and heavy things in a Putty Color sitting on our desks known as Computers which have since evolved into laptops and now thin and sleek iPads or Netbooks.

Even the cell phone has evolved from a cumbersome piece of equipment to sleek and sophisticated devices where you can streamline and organize your life with hundreds upon hundreds of Aps. Using you phone for chatting one on one is almost obsolete and is actually towards the bottom of the list of functions!

Yes, it is now a way of life and everywhere you look someone is using a Laptop, Cell Phone, iPhone, iPad, Smartphone or some kind of electronic device. Not only that, but everyone today owns at least one of these now “Must Haves”, even Grandma!

WIth that being said, savvy marketers and event planners are taking advantage of this trend and putting their company logos on items designed to protect or enhance these devices. One of the most important items are cases which can be made from canvas, nylon or the very popular Neoprene. They will protect the screens as well as outside casings with their soft interiors. There is such a large selection available from conservative styles done in black to high tech and modern in Neon colors.

There are also skins to protect your phone screen during day to day use as well as micro fiber cleaning cloths to keep the screens clean. Initially, the cloth was blank and the imprint was only on the lenrue website case that the cloth came in, but now full 4/C Process imprinting is available even on the cloth! Another inexpensive item and one that is perfect for a trade show give-away is the charger. It is not only used for charging in a wall outlet, but now can be hooked up to your laptop and even in your car!

Still another relevant promo item is the Speaker. They run the gamut from very inexpensive hook ups to elaborate and more pricey docking stations when the budget and occasion permit. They can be used at the workplace, home or even on vacation.

Yes, there are many useful and sought after items too numerous to mention that are great for give-aways at conventions, tradeshows, client and employee loyalty programs as well as additions to the quintessential swag bags. One just needs to get on the internet and ask Google to find what is available!

As you can see, one can’t go wrong with this venue. There is an item for every budget and no matter what item you pick you can be sure that it will be used daily thereby giving your Logo maximum exposure 24/7.

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