Acid Wash Denim – 80s Fancydress, Or is it Back in Fashion?

Acid wash denim, also known as stone wash denim, was HUGE in 80s fashion, yet short lived. It definitely screamed 80s though!

Widely despised these days, no one would be caught wearing acid wash denim.. right?

That’s what I thought too, however, Kim Kardashian has been photographed in acid wash clothing a few times in 2009, and she looks HOT!

So what was Kim wearing? In one photo, Kim is sporting a gorgeous acid wash denim jacket, with a studded belt and mini skirt.

On another occasion, Kim was photographed wearing acid wash skinny jeans, with an over-sized shirt, and sexy tall boots.

This leads me to think, some of you will be brave out there, and hunt down stone wash, as part of your new 80s fashion wardrobe.

The rest of you, probably will be looking for stone wash as part of your 80s fancy dress costume.

Either way, I know where you will find stone wash denim really cheap, and readily available. Yep, the vintage / op / charity stores.

Be ware though, when you find your plus size denim dress, they won’t be sitting comfortably on your hips, if you buy a women’s pair. These jeans will probably be zippering up to your waist.

Make sure you wear a neon or studded belt with them, and show off your figure.:-)

Match with an oversized shirt, tucked in and pulled out a bit.

If you are looking for acid wash denim for an 80s fancy dress, wear it with a black 80s bad rock tee shirt.

As we move into the tweenie teenies, there is evidence in music clips, magazines and movies, that it’s cool to have a fun and zany taste in fashion, inspired by the 80s fashion. Some commentators have put this down to the gloom of the financial crisis, and they may be right. Also, are you hosting or attending an 80s fancy dress party?

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